April 26, 2021

Legislative Bills Could Advance Sustainable Groundwater Management

Drought conditions are now confronting 75% of Texas, putting more pressure on critical water supplies. Thirty-two cities or water supply entities in Texas are under voluntary or mandatory water restrictions. Flows in a majority of river basins across South Central Texas have dropped below or far below normal. And the Edwards Aquifer, which stretches across thousands of acres in South Central Texas and serves San Antonio, has dropped nearly 10 feet below average levels for March...
February 10, 2021

Opinion: It’s time to pay attention to the water we cannot see

Texas' rivers are iconic. The groundwater that sustains them is invisible...
January 28, 2021

Make our aquifer sustainable

Every five years groundwater regulators in Texas set policy and philosophy for managing the aquifers...
June 25, 2020

Bringing Back Comanche Springs

An Analysis of the History, Hydrogeology, Policy and Economics
January 22, 2020

Let It Flow: The Return of Comanche Springs

Conservationists have a plan for how to enable the springs to go from an occasional to a year-round stream, and it involves paying landowners to curb their irrigation practices.